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Review of Bill W on DEEPER (13 ml)

DEEPER  (13 ml) DEEPER (13 ml)

Deeper, former leading brand of the French market is back; Specially adapted to facilitate penetration, product star among passive, it is a 100% amyl; Powerful Product. 
Exclusively in Poppersplanet.

This both physical and sexual stimulant is a powerful disinhibitor, and a powerful aphrodisiac; It releases impulses, stimulates desire, and gives energy instantly. Powerful immediate effect. DEEPER is the “special passive” poppers the strongest in the market, especially appreciated by those who love deep sensations.
Composition: Amyl nitrite
(attention, certain products can be freely sold in certain countries, but forbidden in the others, within the EEC, every customer thus has to verify the correspondence of the product imported with his national legislation) .
Bottles of 13 ml.
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stars_5 - Review added the Sunday 09 June 2019by Bill W

Oh my word. Gooood stuff. Made the party go with quite a swing!